Our Mission

At Rio Cucharas Valley Artisan Cannabis™, we make thoughtful choices about how we cultivate our cannabis strains and how we impact the Earth.


Our commitment to sustainable natural cultivation and optimal greenhouse conditions ensures the ultimate expression of each phenotype we cultivate. Color, shape, aroma, trichomes and resin production are all optimized by the extraordinary care, natural sunlight and controlled environment of our organic greenhouse grow. Our choices translate into extraordinary cannabis flower that reflects our commitment and dedication to quality.



  • Naturally Grown

    Naturally Grown

    At Rio Cucharas Valley Artisan Cannabis™ our strains are grown using methods that would meet USDA organic certification standards*. Our natural and sustainable cultivation methods work in harmony with nature rather than against it. Our proprietary techniques achieve good crop yields and extraordinary quality without harming the natural environment or the people who live and work in it.

    Our approach to developing and maintaining good soil structure and fertility uses the following:

    • recycled and composted crop wastes and animal manure.
    • the right soil cultivation at the right time
    • crop rotation
    • mulching on the soil surface

    Our approach to control of pests, diseases and weeds includes

    • Sammy’s Super Mineral Blend natural growth medium
    • Trace minerals and sucrose
    • the use of superior genetics
    • good cultivation practice
    • crop rotation
    • encouraging useful predators that eat pests
    • increasing genetic diversity
    • using organic OMRI listed pesticides

    Most importantly our approach to sustainable operation involves the very careful use of our precious water resource obtained from our name sake the Rio Cucharas via the City of Walsenburg Water Works.

    *The USDA does not currently provide organic certification for any cannabis cultivation.

  • Healthy Water = Healthy Plants

    Healthy Water = Healthy Plants

    Rio Cucharas Valley Artisan Cannabis™ has installed a 5 stage custom irrigation water treatment system consisting of automatic pH control, fluoride removal, chlorine removal, pre filtration and membrane ultrafiltration that filters down to .02 microns, physically removing particulate, turbidity, bacteria, virus and cysts that may be in the water.

    Weekly water analysis and system maintenance is performed to assure irrigation water of unquestionable quantity and quality that ensures optimal cultivation conditions for our artisan cannabis. The water from the irrigation water treatment system is utilized daily in our greenhouse and in preparation of Sammy’s Super Mineral Blend natural growth medium.

  • Brix Tested

    Brix Tested

    When it comes to natural and sustainable cultivation for healthy living, few people understand the term “Brix” better than our Agronomist, Larry Strite and at Rio Cucharas Valley Artisan Cannabis™ we have implemented a weekly Brix Testing program under Mr. Strite’s guidance that ensures the health and vitality of the strains we cultivate.  Brix is the measurement of sucrose and minerals in your plants and a higher brix level, improves plant quality and taste while controlling insects, fungi and disease in a natural and sustainable way.   Mr. Strite has a long history of success in the U.S. and 30 other countries where the goal of high quality natural agricultural products has been met using Mr. Strite’s revolutionary growing medium.  As more and more consumers consider the long term dangers of chemicals and pesticides, cultivators in many agricultural sectors are turning to this natural alternative.

    Based on Mr. Strite’s foundational agronomy products, Rio Cucharas Valley Brands offers “Sammy’s Super Mineral Blend,” a natural growing medium with the right combination of sucrose and minerals to help your plants achieve a superior level of Brix while eliminating dangerous chemicals and pesticides.  This healthier blend also yields the optimal flavors, quality and potency found in our “Rio Cucharas Valley Artisan Cannabis™” ensuring the satisfaction of your customers.  Cultivators interested in a natural growth medium that eliminates the need for synthetic chemicals and pesticides can now purchase “Sammy’s Super Mineral Blend” at our distribution site in Walsenburg, CO.

  • Cultivated Strains

    Cultivated Strains


    The list of strains cultivated during 2016 are as shown below.

    • Thelonius Skunk
    • Gupta’s Haze
    • Sun Ra
    • Medicine Man
    • Clementine Kush
    • Sweet Nina
    • Love Triangle
    • Lemon Merengue
    • Blue Dream
    • Skywalker OG
    • Ogiesel
    • Chernobyl
    • Apollo 13
    • Diamond Valley Kush

    Please contact our office for current harvest availability.
    (719) 738-2401

  • Products Available

    Products Available


    • Our 14 day drying and curing process ensures optimal shelf life for your product and is our final step in delivering extraordinary cannabis flower to your customers. Humidifiers are available for your product shipping upon request.


    • Our trim is inclusive of significant larf increasing the overall potency of our trim batches.


    • Our clones are stabilized in the medium of the grower’s choice at least two days prior to delivery to help ensure survival during the stress of transportation and transplanting.

    Whole Wet Plants

    • Available upon request. We process with immediate dry ice quick freeze and prepare for frozen whole plant delivery.

    Please contact us for current availability and pricing.


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